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Generally categorized as full-size buses and mini buses, bus rentals and charters in Singapore vary in size, design and purpose. Specialty buses are also available to add a feel of luxury or exclusivity to any occasion.

Buses are the mainstay of urban land transportation in Singapore. Hundreds of buses operate to take commuters to all points in the city. Many of these are privately owned buses available for charter that ferry passengers to schools, airports and business centers.

Regardless of the purpose, buses come in all shapes and sizes suitable for any type of occasion, be it a grand a wedding, a special birthday celebration with family and friends or straightforward transportation to school or work.

Widest Range of Buses and Coaches Available

Get the bus or coach service you need from Premier Bus

Full-Size Bus

Premier Bus has an impressive roster of top-of-the-line, full-size buses for day-to-day transport. With spacious dimensions, the full-size buses we can provide will give you lots of room for a comfortable, hassle-free ride.

You can pick your cozy spot from 30 to over 40 ergonomically designed seats. You can also opt for buses that have high ceilings so you do not have to stoop down when boarding and alighting from the bus.

Mini Bus

Mini buses, also known as minibuses, minivans or mini coaches, are smaller vehicles than full-size buses. Seating between 7 and 25 passengers, mini buses can be used for multiple different purposes.

They are commonly used for airport transfers, corporate transfers, fixed-route conveyance, shuttle service and tours. Specially modified vehicles are available for paratransit purposes, to ease transportation for the elderly or handicapped.

Specialty Buses

Buses and mini buses also come in specialty flavors, such as luxury and limousine buses, party buses and double decker buses.

Luxury and Limousine Buses

For the ultimate in luxury transportation on the road, luxury buses and limousine buses offer plush and extremely comfortable seats and high-end on-board optional amenities such as excellent audio and video entertainment systems and mini-bars containing a selection of drinks while on-route.

Optional concierge and hostess services are available to help make passengers feel like kings and queens of the road.

Party Buses

For fun seekers who value economy and quality, party buses provide a very good alternative to luxury limousines.

Party buses are usually modified versions of ordinary buses or coaches but designed for your entertainment on the road and other recreational purposes. Popularly known as “nightclubs on wheels,” they are perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations or just for a night out to paint the town red. Most party buses can accommodate up to a dozen passengers although any size bus can be made available as a party bus.

Party buses typically feature surround sound systems, attractive lights, lasers & smoke machines, customizable fittings, perimeter seats and themed decorations. Whatever the occasion is, be it a weekend trip or grand sporting even, the party bus drivers will take care of you.

Double-Decker Buses

Common on Singapore roads are the double decker buses, which provide more seating than standard single-decker buses. If you need to transport more than 50 passengers in a single vehicle, there is no better way to do it than on one of our double-decker buses.

No matter what your bus transportation requirements are, there is sure to be a bus that is perfect for you. Contact Premier Bus to find that perfectly sized bus rental, or you can use the simple booking form below to reserve the bus you need.

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