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Wedding bus rentals are perfect for letting your wedding entourage and guests travel in style and absolute comfort. Various bus sizes and features are available to suit the occasion.

Couples can invite as many friends, family members, and acquaintances as they want to their wedding. It can be a small, private affair with only immediate family and a few close friends. Alternatively, it can be a grand celebration that can vie for the honor of “Wedding of the Year.” Whatever the number of people who have been invited, you want all your guests to be comfortable throughout the day from the wedding venue or church to the banquet hall. Perhaps more importantly, you do not want them to have a bumpy ride when leaving the wedding site.

24 seater wedding mini bus

Sure, your guests can use their personal cars or you can hire multiple vehicles to transport a few visitors. But who wants to be left out or delayed in arriving at the reception? Neither would you want your best man stressing himself out in the traffic or your brother driving your wedding car.

Ask your wedding coordinators to collaborate with a trusted wedding transportation service like Premier Bus Singapore to make your big day extra special.

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Get the bus or coach service you need from Premier Bus

Premier Bus has an excellent fleet of buses at your service to ferry the newlywed couple and their guests safely and comfortably. We have quite a flexible selection of buses to choose from depending on the number of guests. Choose from our luxury and party buses that have excellent entertainment systems that may include karaoke, TV and DVD player to help break the ice among your guests.

Our staff and professional drivers will be glad to lend a hand in making the event more memorable; ask us about adding on wedding motifs, themes, photo opportunities and decorations like silk flowers and ribbons.

Wedding Mini Bus

Our wedding mini bus is ideal for transporting a few to over 20 guests. The bus is equipped with seatbelts, climate control air-conditioning and large storage room. Choose the party bus as you wedding vehicle and your guests will never get bored during the ride – they can load their favorite music tracks on the sound system or watch a movie on the HD TV. Our helpful professional drivers can also arrange for door-to-door pick-up and drop-off to ensure that your guests travel safely from their home to the wedding location.

Get the bus you need from Premier Bus

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Full-size Wedding Bus

Our full-size wedding bus will give your guests nothing short of a convenient ride to the banquet hall. With 25 to over 45 seats, Premier Bus’ full-size buses can take your entire wedding entourage and other guests so that they do not have to worry about looking for parking spots and navigating heavy traffic when driving on their own. Our travel planners check weather and traffic updates to avoid any unexpected hassles. All your guests have to do is to sit back and relax in the reclining seats, take a sip of wine in the bar, or enjoy a good movie with friends while chatting about how fantastic your wedding is.

Luxury Wedding Limousine

If you are looking to add some fashionable, indulging flair to your ride, you can take a closer look at Premier Bus’ gorgeous line of luxury wedding limousine buses. They can accommodate just for the wedding couple or bigger ones can seat up to 30 of your VIPs and let them travel in style. Our luxury package includes multiple LED TVs, restroom, lounge, foldaway tables and plush leather seats.


Check out the options available for wedding bus rentals and book the perfect one for your special day. Contact Premier Bus for more information about how we can help you make the wedding day an exceptional one.

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