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Tour buses are a convenient mode of transportation in Singapore for both individuals and groups. Rental buses and coaches are available at various seating capacities from 7- to 40-seater vehicles. Premier Bus is committed to giving you a memorable travel package that makes transportation to your destinations a part of the adventure.

Our staff takes pleasure in personally arranging your travel needs for that momentous sporting event, school tour or religious exhibit.

We will take care of your group from pick-up to drop-off as our professional drivers expertly carry out your itinerary. All you have to do is relax in our luxury bus’ high backrests and stretch out your legs. Do not be surprised if you find yourself asking for more travel time when you get to your destination!

Premier Bus is on the frontier of charter bus services in Singapore, boasting a comprehensive line of full-size, mini, and luxury tour bus for any occasion, whether it is for individual, corporate, or institutional purpose.

We rely on our customer reviews to guarantee only the finest buses with comfortable seats, basic amenities and other extras that your group needs. Feel free to browse our catalogue of vehicles.

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Get the bus or coach service you need from Premier Bus

Full-size Tour Bus

Our full-size tour buses are ideal for mass transport of groups of 30 to 45 people who want basic bus features at an affordable price. All units come with air-conditioning, high-backed seats, wide legroom, huge luggage space, CD player and LED TVs, Of course, you can request add-on features and customize your travel package to suit your budget and needs.

Luxury Tour Bus

Your VIPs deserve nothing less than Premier’s luxury tour bus that perfectly combines economy and style. Our luxury buses come with wraparound-seats and individual satellite TV, etc. That is all you can ask for to say that traveling away from home is like being home.

Mini Tour Bus

Our full-size buses may be too large for your group, or our luxury tour bus may be too expensive for your short-distance trip. We have a mini tour bus that can take around 10 passengers without scrimping on convenience and features. With plush leather seating and personal tables, our mini tour bus comes with standard flat screen TVs with DVD player.

Get the bus you need from Premier Bus

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Responsive, Honest Customer Service

With thousands of bus charter companies bombarding you with advertisements from TV to your email, it can be confusing to choose the right company that you can trust. You do not want to fall victim to another dishonorable company with dirty buses, incompetent staff, machinery breakdown, and hidden charges under the guise of unbelievably low, promotional offers.

Premier Bus deploys customer service staff gives you honest, no-nonsense responses.

We accept even last-minute reservations because we know how busy you are at work or school, however, it subjects to the availability of the type of buses you are requesting.

Let us take the driver’s seat and give you a hassle-free travel experience. Just tell us your location, when you need charter service, and the number of passengers and we will give you exactly the vehicle that you need. We offer competitive pricing along with transparent insurance, cancellation policy and flexible payment schemes. Contact Premier Bus now for a real-time quote from one of our expert travel planners!

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