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7-Seater Mini Bus

Premier Bus offers the best 7-seater mini buses for any special event or occasion. Choose the 7-seater mini bus rental for point-to-point trips or hire it by the hourly for flexible transportation for up to 7 persons.

At Premier Bus, we offer a wide range of maxicabs, passenger minivans and mini buses including the 7-seater mini bus, perfect for when your group of 4 to 7 persons want to travel as a single group.

Great For Any Purpose

The 7-seater mini bus from Premier Bus is perfect for business executives and families, is great as a vehicle for your VIPs, and as the honored wedding vehicle for the happy couple and their parents.

Rent the mini bus for fun and leisure, hiring the mini bus and its driver for excursions to the zoo or other tourist attractions.

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Choose the right vehicle when your family or business partners require mini bus transportation in Singapore. From airport transfers to graduations to sightseeing excursions, our 7-seater mini bus is built to transport your guests around town in style, comfort and safety.

First Class Features

Travelling in our 7-seater mini bus allows your family members or wedding guests to enjoy the ride without being concerned about traffic delays. On-board options include high quality amenities such as surround sound systems, widescreen TVs and even a karaoke system to have fun while on the move.

With ample room for 7 passengers, high-back chairs, and air-conditioned climate controls, the 7-seater mini bus can offers the best ride for your group.

Premier Bus offers maxicabs, minivans and mini buses that can ferry small groups of people. We can also provide additional vehicles if your group requires more than one. Whether you need the mini bus for a one-way or return trip, the whole day or just by the hour, Premier Bus has you covered.

Whatever your travel needs, you can book the 7-seater mini bus easily with our online booking form. Or contact us via phone or email to find out more about our 7-seater mini bus as well as our other transportation services.

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