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Mini Shuttle Bus

The mini shuttle bus rental is the best solution for when you need to transport a group of people that are too many for a taxi cab but not enough to fill a full-size bus.

A mini shuttle bus from Premier Bus can accommodate from 7 to over 20 passengers and are an excellent means of transportation for short distance trips.

For All Transportation Needs

You can rent the mini shuttle bus to transport small groups for any purpose, such as to your shopping center or from the airport. The mini shuttle bus is great for getting shoppers to your shopping centers from nearby MRT or LRT stations. You can arrange for half-hourly pick-ups throughout the day and night to increase business for your retail tenants, or arrange the mini shuttle bus to pick shoppers up from just for the peak periods around lunch, dinner and throughout the day for weekends.

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Get the bus or coach service you need from Premier Bus


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Alternatively, you need the mini shuttle bus to pick up your tour groups and visiting guests from the airport to your hotel. Be it a regular, hourly trip to and from the airport, or ad-hoc trips, renting a mini shuttle bus from Premier Bus will provide valuable convenience to your guests and increase their satisfaction of the services you provide.

Choice of On-Board Amenities

All the mini shuttle buses include the very important central air-conditioners to keep your group cool during the trip. For luxury options, possible amenities may include first-class seats and USB charging points to top up the batteries in mobile devices. Whatever you need for the convenience or comfort of your travelers, ask Premier Bus for the right mini shuttle bus for you.

Professional and Dependable

The mini shuttle bus can pick you up from and bring you to any location in Singapore without worry about the driving or parking: let our professional mini shuttle bus drivers handle the transportation.

The mini shuttle bus rental operates 7 days a week. With a mini shuttle bus from Premier Bus, be assured of getting a dependable ride and reliable service: the driver is there to ensure that the minibus arrives at the pick-up location when you need have requested, and will bring the group to their destination in as timely a fashion as possible.

Contact Premier Bus now about how we can provide you with the best mini shuttle bus rental that meets your group’s transportation needs, and book one online now.

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