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More than real estate, cars and business ventures, children are your most treasured gifts. You send them to the best schools, such as Nanyang Girls’ High School in Bukit Timah, Raffles Institution in Bishan and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) in Dover Road. You want them to be safe at all times. However, when you are not able to personally ferry your children to school, you need a reliable, trustworthy school bus rental service to safely transport them.

This is where Premier Bus Singapore can help: we assure you that you are making a prudent decision by entrusting your children to none other than Premier Bus’ committed team of transportation professionals.

Whether your child is going on a tour, an excursion, to a school event or simply to their daily classes, you can trust Premier Bus to get the job done.

We pick up your children right at your doorstep and drop them off safely at school and then back to your home. There will hardly be instances of tardiness as we synchronize our clocks with the official school timings.

Design and Features

Premier Bus has a large fleet of well-equipped school buses, ranging from full-size school buses to mini school buses.

We also have several prestigious schools that rent our dedicated charter buses.

All our buses are comfortable, air-conditioned buses with clear windowpanes to give your children a panoramic view of the city as they travel to and from school. Safety devices such as seat belts are installed to give you peace of mind when your child rides in one of our buses.

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    Safety: Our Number One Priority

    We know how precious and delicate your children are, so we treat them with utmost care and sensitivity.

    We attend to your children regardless of age, be it kindergartners, special children, primary pupils, and even secondary school students.

    Our commitment is not only to provide you with quality bus rental services, but safe and secure conveyance of your children from home to school and vice versa. We strictly adhere to the standards set by the Land Transportation Agency (LTA) in terms of safety regulations in maintaining our buses.

    Secure Seating Design

    Our buses have forward-facing seats with retractable seat belts that will have your child stay put during the trip. Easily Recognizable buses will be identifiable by clear signs indicating the bus numbers.

    When kids alight from the bus, the prodigious use of our buses’ rear lights and hazard-warning lights giving ample notice to other road users.

    Licensed Bus Attendants

    We treat our little passengers as VIPs. Our courteous bus attendants will look after your children as if they were their own, making a head count before leaving a venue and facilitating that the young children’s needs are attended to.

    Professional Drivers

    Our drivers have undergone rigorous training and screening to qualify as one of our staff. They have at least 3 years of hands-on driving experience.

    Top-Notch Maintenance

    We only use authorized, reputable maintenance and service centers to keep our vehicles in optimal condition. We regularly check our brakes, tires and engines to avoid any service disruptions.

    Do not hesitate to contact Premier Bus to inquire about and to book our school bus rental services. We guarantee safe, punctual transportation of schoolchildren to any education institution within Singapore at very competitive rates.

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