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Whether your flight takes off from the world-renowned Changi International Airport or from the private runways of Sembawang Airport, rely on a minibus transfer provided by Premier Bus.

As a leading economic and tourism in the region, it is no longer surprising to see how Singapore managed to maintain its transportation infrastructure that will benefit its residents, foreign nationals and visitors. From the highly rated mass transportation system to excellent airports like Changi Airport and Sembawang Airport, the city has solidly positioned itself when it comes to providing transportation services for all kinds of passengers.

This efficiency can also be found the moment you step outside the airport terminals. As soon as you officially step outside the terminal, you will be provided with a wide choice of transportation services that can make your travels in the city comfortable and luxurious. From taxicab services to trains and buses, the city has everything in place that can help visitors and residents make the smooth transition from the airport to the city streets.

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Get the bus or coach service you need from Premier Bus

However, if you are looking for a comfortable and highly reliable airport transport option for your group, the minibus airport transfers from Premier Bus provide a convenient and dependable choice. Bigger and more spacious than a taxicab and with less hassle than taking public transportation, the private minibus can serve as a comfortable and reliable transport service for a group of friends or for expatriates who are visiting the city for business.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Airport Transfer Option for Large Groups

While taxicab services are readily available in all three terminals of Changi Airport, keep in mind that each of them can sit no more than 4 travelers.

With groups of 5 or more friends who are visiting Singapore for fun and leisure, a regular taxicab service may not suffice as it will only be able to accommodate up to 4 passengers comfortably, with limited luggage space for at most 3 large bags.

However, for up to 20 passengers or more, it will be more convenient and cost-effective to hire a minibus for airport transfers.

Depending on the size of the vehicle chosen, the minibus rental can easily accommodate from 6 to 24 passengers at a time, making this transportation option the best alternative for a group of travelers without necessitating an inconvenient split of the group into multiple vehicles. Another advantage comes in the form of bigger luggage space for passengers.

Get the bus you need from Premier Bus

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Premier Bus understands the specific requirements of residents and visitors who require minibus airport transfer services. For this reason, all limousine buses, minibuses and full-sized buses available for rent are designed to provide comfort, convenience and complete customer satisfaction.

With our professional drivers and operators, you can expect punctuality and reliability all the time. Book a minibus airport transfer now or contact Premier Bus for more information about renting a minibus airport transfer.

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