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Rental of Buses and Mini Buses

Premier Bus has multi-purpose vehicles for client pickup, VIP chauffeur, and special purposes like shuttle services and school bus services. Transfers from Changi International Airport or Singapore Cruise Center are made easy with our seamless travel planning. We can also take you on sight-seeing trips to the most popular tourist attractions. Premier Bus also offers daily and hourly charter services for corporate affairs, business meetings, and personalized events.

Our mini buses, which are perfect for a group of 6 to 20 persons, can handle departure transfer, arrival transfer, and point to point transit. For the most cost-effective deals, you can take advantage of our package promotions.

Shuttle Bus Rentals

Have you ever had a delayed trip due to technical or mechanical issues? With Premier’s fleet of shuttle buses, we guarantee no such annoying scenarios.

We constantly maintain our shuttle buses and equipment in excellent condition to ensure safety and reliability.

Tour Bus Rentals

Nothing beats traveling on a bus while you enjoy the panoramic view through the clear, wide windows of a Premier Bus. You can experience the countryside view while letting someone else worry about the steering wheel: you can just sit back on the plush upholstery of your high chair while you let the tour guide on the microphone take you to the see the wonderful sights in Singapore!

Have you ever joined a public tour wherein you were forced to stay for hours in a place you did not particularly like and then whisked off by the driver while you were still taking photos of a grand building? Or were you assigned a seat where you were jammed between strangers you barely knew?

Here at Premier Bus, our aim is to give you a travel experience like no other with our customized tour itineraries. You get to choose which places to go to and how much time to spend on them. You can make the trip more memorable with the company of your friends, colleagues, and family.

Widest Range of Buses and Coaches Available

Get the bus or coach service you need from Premier Bus

Party Bus Rentals

One of the marquee assets of Premier Bus is our fleet of exclusive party buses that will not only entertain you non-stop but also make you feel safe like home. If you are with a large group for a bachelor or birthday party, we have all you need to keep everyone’s spirit alive.

We have party buses equipped with a custom sound system, with which you can hook up your Bluetooth device or iPod to. You can ask for DJ consoles, LED TVs with karaoke, and lighting equipment to really provide a party atmosphere as guests enjoy the champagne on ice.

Everyone is in party mode, except our sober, alert driver who is there to make sure that everything is in order.

School Bus Rentals

We know how much you care for your children: you want to watch over them wherever they go.

Premier Bus is here to take your worries away when your children go to school even when you are not able to personally drive them there yourself.

Aside from daily pick-up and drop-off, Premier Bus also caters to field trips and school excursions. We always do a complete head count upon arriving and before leaving an area to make sure no child is left out.

Limousine and Luxury Bus

The saying “You only live once” may be trite, but riding Premier Bus’ exquisite, private limousines is certainly an experience of a lifetime.

Allow us to make you feel like a celebrity on that special occasion with VIP treatment and all the luxurious amenities in our exceptional buses. From the time we pick you up from your location, all you need to do is lounge back on your comfortable seat, watch HD movies, take a sip of champagne at the bar area, or listen to your choice of music. There is a lot of storage space for weddings, too, and a privacy wall if you are not very comfortable with the driver spying on your precious moments.

There is a lot of storage space for weddings, too, and a privacy wall if you are not very comfortable with the driver spying on your precious moments.

Bus Pooling Services

Bus Pooling is a cost-effective, efficient way of sharing the cost of a bus. For traveling to and from work, you and your colleagues can share a monthly subscription to Premier Bus charter services so you do not have to go through the hassle of cab transfers and buying tickets every single day. Moreover, our bus pooling service is great for different passengers who share in a common destination.

Our professionally trained drivers know the best possible routes to get you there safe and fast.

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