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VIP Party Bus

Nov 7, 2015 | Party Bus | 0 comments

For your Very Important Person, treat them to a Very Important Party with a VIP party bus from Premier Bus.

When it comes to a VIP party experience, only the best will do. From the preparations, party ideas, alcoholic drinks to be served, appetizers and the theme, all these are the traditional elements considered when it comes to hosting a top party that everyone raves about. Nevertheless, one more party element should receive equal attention – the venue where the party will be hosted.
The usual idea is to host it in the most happening bars in the city, in rented hotel conference halls or even in a private suite at a high-rise luxury hotel. While all these may work when it comes to providing an entertainment your special guests cannot resist, there is another way of hosting a VIP party that trumps the traditional venues – putting the party on the road by renting a VIP party bus!

The great thing about a party bus is that even while the guests are riding inside the bus, the party action can be taken anywhere depending on the whims and personal requirements of the host and the guests.

Inviting some of your best friends from college? Tap the party bus for a pub-crawl in Singapore! Planning to treat a very important client who has just arrived in the city? A private party bus or party limousine is an obvious choice, complete with all the luxurious trimmings that can pamper your guest throughout the night. Let your creativity do the work when it comes to planning a private and ultra-luxurious VIP party, and you will be surprised at how entertained the guests will be.

Expect a Full Suite of VIP Amenities

While a bus may offer a ‘smaller space’ compared to clubs and bars, a rented party bus comes fully loaded with VIP features and amenities that can rival that entertainment provided by top-notch bars in the city.

Party buses and party limousine can come fully equipped with modern sound and entertainment system. Expect to find a high quality, wide screen TV strategically positioned inside the party bus, and high-end speakers to stream the pulsating music. The party bus driver will take good care of your music and video requirements, so your attention is on keeping your VIP party guest happy.

Your group can also count on a club-quality sound system and special lighting that will provide your guests with a club-like feeling. Moreover, being on the road means the flexibility for hopping from one destination to the next.

This highly mobile party bus service is positioned as a one-in-a-lifetime experience for many, and will definitely appeal to guests with discerning tastes and requirements. If one party location becomes boring and predictable for the group, they can always tell the driver of the party bus to discover a new location where they can continue their party, away from the boring crowd.

Do You Expect Some Guests Who Love To Sing?

Host a karaoke session while the VIP party bus is on the move. Whether you want some clean fun on the road, or your guests deserve some cheeky and adult fun, a VIP party bus delivers private quality entertainment. Everyone deserves to be pampered and called a VIP, so give such a memorable experience to your friends the next time you arrange for a party. Contact Premier Bus to book a VIP party bus to host a non-stop mobile VIP party for your cherished friends.

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