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Jul 7, 2015 | Party Bus | 0 comments

There is a different way to party and discover the sights and sounds in Singapore, and it does not involve driving your car to the nearest party scene and spending the rest of the night partying. Instead of driving from home or the hotel to the pre-selected party places in the city, you hop onto a day or night party tour bus and start the party experience.
Considered as a new way to have fun and party in Singapore, the party bus experience allows you to throw away your usual worries about traffic and being caught for drinking and driving.

With the premier party bus experience in Singapore, you can impress your friends and guests, pamper your colleagues, and allow everyone to take part in a unique party experience that is private and ultra luxurious. In short, renting a party bus will bring friends and guests together, and help create thrilling excitement onboard!

Mobile Party That Never Stops

The problem with attending a house party or barhopping is that entertainment depends on the places you will visit, and the other guests present in the area. Attend a house party that ends before midnight with people you barely know, and you will end up with a forgettable party experience. On the other hand, pass through the velvet rope and mingle with party enthusiasts drowning in booze, and there may be a chance that your group will end up in a fight.

These are real scenarios for the party going set in Singapore, which can be avoided if you rethink your party requirements. If you want a stress-free and a liberating way to party and have fun with friends, consider hiring the services of a party bus tour, a private bus designed for exclusive private parties.

Party buses are available in different seating capacities to meet specific demands – reserve a full-sized party bus if you expect more than 30 guests, or get the mini-bus if you expect a dozen guests. With a party bus at your disposal, you can prolong the night for party-hungry guests.

There are instances when guests leave a bar and pub because it is closing time, and they split up to find their service cars or hail taxis to take them home. And the worse thing is to then take an hour to get a taxi and then being stuck in traffic. This can quickly become a sour end to an otherwise entertaining and fun time. This is not the case with a party bus – a party bus serves as a mobile party platform and the party experience never slows down or stops even when in heavy traffic!

Private Entertainment

In a party bus, entertainment never stops when if you are onboard. Party buses are equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment and sound systems that can keep guests entertained throughout the trip. You can contact and work with Premier Bus to explore different themes for your parties.

Who says a private party is not possible while inside a bus? If you contact Premier Bus now, you can impress and treat your guests to a mobile party experience that never stops.

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