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Party Bus Games

May 2, 2016 | Party Bus | 0 comments

Games add spice and excitement to the fun ambience of party buses. Creativity is the only limitation to have fun while being mobile on a party bus offering varied features and on-board amenities that are conducive for friendly competition.

Games are one of the best ways to while away the travel time and set up the lively atmosphere when going to an event or celebration. With a party bus from Premier Bus, everybody can safely have fun on board while a professional driver takes the wheel and safely navigates the streets.

Whether it is a personal or corporate event, be it for business or for pleasure, there is no better way to make a trip as exhilarating as having games to break the ice and get everyone in the mood for endless hours of fun. At the end of the day, simple memory games can help tone down the guests’ energy for a relaxing nap on the way back home. Here are some suggested activities and ideas that you can have on a party bus from Premier Bus.

Games for Children

Pass the Parcel is an excellent starter to kick things off. Children find this particularly enjoyable because everyone gets a treat and everybody gets to win! The all-time favorite Hide-and-Seek can further get children’s adrenaline pumping.

Musical Games

Music is the lifeblood of any party. The party bus comes with an excellent surround sound system on the party bus, widescreen TV and microphones to prime your guest’s vocal cords for a night of all-out singing.

Team-building songs are best for corporate groups to boost their morale. For a little competition, you can host a karaoke challenge; wherein the winner can get free drinks at the next stopover during barhopping. Guess that Tune goes down well with participants of any age, too, while teenagers will also love singing games like The Hokey Pokey and Three Little Monkeys.

Traditional Games

People never grow weary of old-school games that create many fond memories with friends. Your guests are going to have tears of laughter and joy with these classic games:


Scavenger Hunt is a straightforward game but involves resourcefulness and a little bit of agility. The game master can ask for anything under the sun, from lipstick to belts and handkerchiefs of any shade and wallets of any shape.


Pass the Message tests the memory and teamwork of the players. A message is relayed from the front to the rear of the bus. Get ready for some rib-tickling, hysteric moments as the message is hilariously distorted when it reaches the last person!


One of the best spontaneous games ever; charades are an exciting warm-up exercise for the more physical activities. As soon as the guests hop on the bus, they are given a song, movie, or book title that they must creatively act out for their teammates to guess. The passengers can be divided into groups. Be extra careful, though, should the game requires standing and acting out in front of everyone on a moving vehicle.


A Trip Down Memory Lane is an even more challenging brainteaser. Your guests are asked to sit in a circle. Each one recites items that they are going to bring to the party. The catch is remembering what the other participants mentioned before you!

Loads of fun can be had with a party bus. So book a party bus now for the myriad games you can have on-board. Contact Premier Bus to find out more about the party buses available.

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