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Luxury Party Bus

Mar 7, 2015 | Party Bus | 0 comments

There was a time when partying means attending a school event or function or simply staying at home with friends. While these party ideas still work, these are no longer considered de rigueur in the Singaporean party scene.

Locals and visitors are now stepping it up when it comes to entertainment in the city, and now consider other private and unique ways of spending their free time in the Lion City.

One popular and thrilling way of partying in the city is by renting out a luxury party bus or limo for a night out.

Renting a luxury party bus is best for individuals who want to load up on entertainment value and expand the choice venues that they can visit and explore.

This also allows them to party the night away in a private manner without having to worry about what the club bouncers or security details have to say!

In addition, if you are new to this service in Singapore, then it is never too late to join the celebration and discover the many services that you can enjoy with a bus or limo service.

Go Pub Crawling With Friends

While Singapore has been traditionally known as a “highly conservative” city-state with many restrictions, it has slowly established itself as a cultural and entertainment hub in Southeast Asia.

Today, Singapore is home to a growing number of pubs, bars and world-renowned clubs like Zouk.

With a group of friends, you can sign up for luxury party bus services in Singapore and experience the thrill that comes with pub-crawling. Simply get in touch with Premier Bus to arrange the transportation and pub-crawling in the city. You can choose your destinations or allow our professional party bus drivers to recommend the itinerary and arrange visit to bars and clubs in the city where you can enjoy a few mugs of beer or other drinks before returning to the party limo for the next destination.

With luxury party bus services, the fun does not only happen in the clubs and bars you will visit. With the premium onboard food and beverage services, the party continues even while you are on the road. In fact, the parties become wilder and adventurous as soon as the passengers step inside the bus.

The party bus becomes a mobile and private partying space with an on board, high-end sound system, a large TV screen and comfortable seats that allow guests to lounge around and continue the fun even while on the move.

As the sun sets, the party lights start and the pulsating ambiance signal the start of a fun-filled night. The city is loaded with top-tier pubs and bars such as Eski Bar, Loof and Orgo that provides a sweeping view of Marina Bay. The list of entertainment spots is long and can confuse the partygoers and guests in the city. If you want to cover as many bars and pubs as possible in one night, then the services of a luxury party bus is the answer.

When you rent a private luxury party bus, look forward to your very own private party that lasts as long as you want! So, contact us to book a luxury party bus now!

You will find that booking a luxury party bus is simple: just submit the form below with the date and time you the need party bus, include the places you want to visit. Or you are most welcome to give us the details over the phone to reserve the luxury party bus.

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