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Kids Birthday Party Bus

Oct 7, 2015 | Party Bus | 0 comments

Host a unique birthday party for kids of all ages on a party bus.

It is not easy to plan an occasion with kids and the young-at-heart as your guests. With a short attention span and an appetite for wacky, fun and cool party ideas, a parent has no choice but to invest in a lot of time to plan a memorable kid party experience. Failure to do so will only result in a boring party, where guests become restless, sleepy and wanting to go home. The challenge for any parent is to come up with an alternative and unique party experience, such as hosting a birthday party on-the-go.

In Singapore, you can rent buses or vans especially designed for the holding birthday parties and other celebrations at a very affordable price. Affectionately called the party bus, renting this transportation option can provide you with a different approach in hosting a kid’s birthday party. By signing up for a kid’s birthday party bus, you help promote a mobile party experience that allows the kids to visit some of the attractions that they love and re-discover what the city has to offer.

Move the Kid’s Party on the Road

Party buses that cater to kids can accommodate from a few children to a few dozen little ones. All buses may come with all entertainment options and features including power door locks and windows, upgraded seats and fabric, fun lights and a modern sound and video system to keep the party going even when the party bus is making its way through the city streets. You can choose between the full-size party bus, the mini party bus or perhaps even a double-decker party bus that can provide ample space for other activities such as birthday tricks, games and other recreational activities.

A party bus may be the venue for the kid’s birthday party but it does not mean that you cannot host the more traditional birthday activities usually seen at home.

Arrange for a magic show or balloon sculpting – the choice is yours when it comes to the direction of the party for children. In addition, by renting party buses for a birthday, children can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the city while party is still going on. The city is blessed with variety of entertainment and recreational centers to visit. The celebrant will surely have a very precious experience of his or her birthday celebration. So, why limit the fun that children can have and enjoy? What could be more fun than a mobile birthday party that they will never soon forget?

Safe and Comfortable Trip Assured

Parents should not worry because our licensed and professional drivers pilot the party buses. At Premier Bus, safety of passengers is a priority, so you can expect a safe and comfortable trip while having a party.

Book a party bus for your child’s party online. You can also contact Premier Bus for more information about our party buses and to reserve a party bus for your little ones, and present them with a party theme they will never forget.

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