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Party Bus Express

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Party Bus

Express party buses are perfect for quick trips in Singapore as well as intercity travel into Malaysia. To complement the thrill and glamour of these buses, you can visit the wondrous tourist attractions and the hottest partying nightspots.

If you are up for a spontaneous birthday bash or a weekend getaway for a club- or pub-crawl with a dozen friends in Singapore and Malaysia, renting an express party bus is your ultimate solution. Express party buses combine the quick services of express coaches, the amenities of luxury limousines and the vibrancy and excitement of party buses. A party bus express expedites its services by running fixed, efficient routes on shortcuts and freeways and minimizing stopovers.

Fun In Singapore

Express party buses are ideal for private celebrations and corporate affairs alike. Your guests can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Singapore metropolis while professional chauffeurs serve as their dedicated drivers. The buses come with lush leather seats for up to 13 or even 16 passengers.

Alternatively, enjoy privacy and the space with just 2 passengers for an intimate party, or with just few guests for a private affair as you enjoy the stunning lights and sound systems, optional karaoke and on-board food service available as part of the rental package. Available 24/7 on an on-demand basis, these buses offer transport services to all major destinations in Singapore such as the ever popular Marina Bay Sands, with some able to bring you across the border into Malaysia. 

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Relaxing Trips To Malaysia

Express party buses between Singapore and Malaysia are popular for birthday parties, school reunions and even weddings for several reasons. Not only do they come with the basic amenities that you would expect from fancy coaches, but they also give commuters the convenience and flexibility to choose your own stops, allowing you to visit key landmarks along the way. The trip schedules and travel timings are also flexible and you can arrange for your exact preferred time of departure or arrival of your bus so that you and your friends do not have to wait too long for the party to start.

In terms of accessibility, express party buses are best for the busy city streets of Kuala Lumpur. With unlimited choices of where you can go on the party bus, you can ask to be dropped off in Kuala Lumpur at must-see attractions such Petronas Twin Towers, top shopping areas such as KLCC and Jalan Petaling’s Chinatown, or places to have fun such as Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Alternatively, ride the party bus express to other popular destinations in Malaysia such as Genting, Malacca, Penang and Johor Bahru. With a seamless road system and infrastructure, commuting between Malaysian cities is a pleasure while your friends party the night away.  

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