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Bachelorette Party Bus

Sep 7, 2015 | Party Bus | 0 comments

The bachelorette party bus is the party vehicle of choice for the discerning single woman celebrating the days before her special day.

If you think that only men loves to party and celebrate the last few days of their singlehood before they face the altar, well think again.

A pre-wedding party is not just for the bachelor; even single women counting on the days also love the idea of hanging out with their friends and maximizing the last few days of singlehood before facing a new chapter in her life.

As on popular 80s song puts it, “girls just want to have fun”, and one way to make it happen is to host a bachelorette party for the would-be bride.

There are popular ways on how to host a bachelorette party, and often the idea is similar to that of a bachelor party.

A friend will plan the party, perhaps throw in a few outrageous games and let the person have the time of her life.

The traditional bachelorette party ideas include hosting it in a secluded area of a bar or restaurant, in a private hotel room or even right inside home.

But there is another hot and popular way of celebrating a bachelorette party with all the trimmings required to make it as memorable – host your bachelorette party in a bachelorette party bus!

This is not your ordinary commuter bus in Singapore; party buses for rent are exclusively designed for partying events including a bachelorette party.

What to Expect in a Bachelorette Party Bus

Party buses offered by Premier Bus are available in different seating configurations, so it is best to first assess the number of guests before confirming a party bus. A private mini party bus or limousine is great if you expect less than ten guests. Such a mini party bus or limousine provides a more private and intimate approach to having fun. On the other hand, if you are looking at a huge crowd worthy of a wild party, then a full-sized party bus may be yours for the taking.

Whatever option you choose, your group will be treated to comfort, privacy and luxury. Luxury and comfort come in the form of leather seats, high-end sound systems and lights.

A party bus will come complete with a wide variety of entertainment services from, from streaming movies to piped in music to karaoke, you choose the titles and the playlists of course.

A trained driver will operate all party buses, so your attention is on pulling off a memorable party on the road and not what happens on the road. Our party bus drivers are expected to provide guests with top-notch customer service: the experienced driver will make sure everyone onboard gets home safely and ensures that all party places planned for will be visited.

Flexible Bachelorette Services to Accommodate Creative Party Ideas

One of the best things about renting a party bus is the flexible service that comes with it. Aside from the fact that you can tell the bus driver where you want to go or where to stay, you can also design the bachelorette theme inside the party bus.

Work with Premier Bus to host a “pink party”, where guests come onboard in coordinating pink outfits. The interior of the party bus can be dolled up in pink, party balloons and pink throw pillows. Moreover, you can even request the bus driver to wear pink. Or for a really hot time, go with the color red.

A bachelorette party bus is a perfect excuse to get wild, have fun and drink to be merry. So make your friend happy before her wedding date; book one now or contact Premier Bus to find out more about and to reserve a party bus that rocks.

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