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Bachelor Party Bus Rental

Aug 7, 2015 | Party Bus | 0 comments

Imagine the scene: everyone is lining up to take a glass of drink, angling for that perfect position to watch the dance floor, or your friends belting out a few Abba tunes while finishing off bottles of beer. No matter what everyone chooses to do, what is certain is that all members of the entourage wants it to be a memorable time; after all, your friend or co-worker is celebrating the last few days of being single during his bachelor party!

While not everyone will agree to get down and dirty for a bachelor party, there is no denying the fact that everyone present wants to leave a party-mark that the would-be groom will remember for the rest of his life!

Moreover, in order to pull off a memorable bachelor party experience that is fun, private and allows you to visit some of the best party places in Singapore, then you will need a private transportation service; in other words, a bachelor party bus!

The Obvious Choice

A bachelor party bus serves as an obvious choice, a bus that allows you to host a private party and can transport you to and from the most popular party enclaves in Singapore. By hiring a party bus, you can cover all the bachelor party requirements and more. Just contact and rent the services of a party bus from Premier Bus, invite the would-be groom and his friends and hop onboard for a night of fun and memorable celebration.

Depending on your invite list, you can rent a full-size party bus that can accommodate up to 60 guests, or hire a mini party bus for that intimate party experience with just your closest friends! Each party bus has its own licensed driver who knows the ins and outs of the party scene in Singapore and can take the steering wheel for you, while you and your guests focus on the partying.

Plan the Bachelor Destinations

Once the transportation has been secured, the next step is to focus on the places that your group will visit for the night. A bachelor, or even a bachelorette, party is different from the usual birthday parties or celebrations; a bachelor party may be naughty or nice, and you may want to include destinations that appeal to all guests and, of course, the guest-of-honor. Some of the popular bachelor party destinations include the most popular bars and clubs in Singapore, ranging from Club Street to Boat Quay.

The night with the bachelor can also include a visit to his favorite casino, a favorite pub and a nightcap in a hotel room. Visiting these places is possible when you contact use a bachelor party bus from Premier Bus. A trained and licensed driver will drive the party bus bus, thus your energy and attention can remain focused solely on pulling off a memorable bachelor party.

Extra, Extra Services Onboard

Offer something extra onboard the bachelor party bus. A party bus for rent is not just a reliable transportation option for mobile partygoers; the service that can be offered by a party bus may be customized depending on what you would like to have. You can request for a special music playlist or for specific movie titles to be played while the bus is traveling or have karaoke while on the move. The party bus for rent is your playground throughout the duration of the bachelor party – it allows you to discreetly have fun.

Choose Premier Bus for your bachelor party bus – book one online now or contact us for more information about what we can do to make your party memorable.

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