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16 Seater Party Bus

Mar 25, 2018 | Party Bus | 0 comments

This party bus provides luxurious and spacious seating for up to 16 passengers and come with a host of excellent on-board entertainment systems for that memorable and fun outing on the town!

Bachelorette party bus

Hiring a limousine as the preferred transportation to pick-up a date may seem a throwback to the cool 1980s, but the appeal remains and many local Casanovas and party enthusiasts still see this as a great investment. Today, it is now common to see party limos and buses outside the club or on the road and used by enthusiasts and party veterans to prowl the entertainment hotspots in Singapore, offering all their guests with an innovative party experience.

When there is a need to redefine the party experience and create a different party environment, host it in a dramatic way – rent a party bus or party limousine for a night and see what others have been raving about for years. Party buses are available in different seating configurations, such as the 16-seater party bus that is best for a group of young professionals, college buddies and fraternity members who want an intimate venue for a thrilling party experience. Once you reserve a 16-seater party bus, you can be sure of an innovative and hip night party venue.

Explore Your Wild Side in a Party Bus

Party buses are the perfect venues for hosting a variety of parties including bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, reunions and other special functions that require mobility and exclusivity.

Compared to the usual party at home or club, hosting a mobile party experience onboard the party bus offers guests a chance check out all the popular party venues in Singapore while being able to move to another destination in an instant. Hiring a party limo or bus is great for pub crawling, especially if each member of the entourage has a travel destination in mind and the group cannot agree on a single place to visit. With a party bus, everything on the bucket list can be visited , making everyone a happy reveler for the rest of the night.

Another appeal of the party bus is its exclusivity. Compared to the usual home or club party, a party bus offers you with greater flexibility and privacy. As soon as all passengers are onboard, the door of the party bus closes and party starts.

All the effects and amenities required to host a club-like party may be found onboard the party party bus – each party bus comes with a premium audio and video system, comfortable seating for more than a dozen guests and other interactive features like a karaoke system. Use the karaoke to break the ice, start a concert or simply let the drinks flow freely onboard the party limo or rental party bus.

Convert into a Long-Distance Coach Travel

A 16-seater party bus is not only great for parties, it can also be a great way to travel long distances within Singapore and into Malaysia. With its comfortable seating and onboard audio and entertainment system, travelling as a team or in a group can become the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, reaching popular destinations such as Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Penang in high class.

Choose luxury and comfort when travelling or partying – arrange for a party bus rental from Premier Bus as your preferred transportation and venue. Contact us to find out more about our party buses.

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