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13-Seater Party Bus

Apr 2, 2018 | Party Bus | 0 comments

Planning for a party, whether for a birthday, a wedding, an engagement or another important event, can be very demanding because of the need to please all attendees of the party, the theme of the party and even the venue for the party. When you have up to dozen party goers, the 13-seater party will cover two of these elements: the theme and the venue, with the latter particularly being very flexible as the party bus allows you to host the party at home, on the move or at the most happening clubs such as the many in Sentosa and along Smith Street.

When you hire this exclusive vehicle as the party venue and transportation for the night, you offer party guests with a different party flavor and excitement. Party bus services are available in different configurations, from full-size buses to party mini buses and party limousines. For a more intimate party gathering, book our 13-seater party bus service that can accommodates up to a dozen guests.

Host A Variety Of Party Themes

When you get party bus, you can prepare any kind of party that can appeal to anyone. Traditionally a popular service for young professionals for their bar-hopping and bar-crawling, a party bus can also be used for a variety of party themes, such a pink party for the ladies.

Since the interior of the party bus can be re-configured and designed to meet your specific requirements, the 13-seater party bus can work for weddings, birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, graduations, promotions and any other special event that you can think of. Just contact us, indicating the day you need the party bus along with your choice of destinations. On top of the usual on-board amenities like comfortable luxury seating for a dozen passengers along with an excellent audio and video entertainment system, tell us if you have other special requests you need for the party bus, like having karaoke onboard.

Karaoke Party Bus

The 13-seater party bus can be fitted with a karaoke system for your guests to use. A karaoke system on-board the party bus provides a different meaning to having fun while you travel – you can can sing or have a mini-concert while on the road. The party continues even as you make your way to your preferred bars, clubs and other happening places in the city.

All of these can be yours if you book the 13-seater party bus as your party venue and party theme. Contact Premier Bus now to reserve the party bus and inject a different party flavor that everyone will love & enjoy!

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