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One Way Minivan Rental

Jul 2, 2018 | Minivan | 0 comments

Rent a one-way passenger minivan from Premier Bus Singapore for a point-to-point to your destination for your groups of a few family members, friends or co-workers.

Hitting the road for a family adventure in Singapore requires careful planning and attention to detail. The list is long when it comes to travel planning from a bucket list of travel location and destinations, hotel and resort reservation, cash and credit cards for emergency expenses and even cameras and other gadgets to document the whole travel escapade.

Moreover, if there are kids in tow, certain supplies must be included in the luggage to keep them safe and satisfied throughout the whole travel adventure.

However, there is more to travel than these usual requirements. For a comfortable and luxurious approach to travel planning, consider securing private transportation for the whole family.

For example, you can count on a one-way passenger minivan rental instead of taking a public bus or join the crowd on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains. When you book a minivan, it can serve as your mode of transportation from your home to your desired travel destination.

In addition, since the van rental was hired for private transport, the minivan can pick you up at home, at the office or at any agreed meeting place. For the return trip, rent another one-way minivan to get back home or the office.

Simply put, hiring the service of a private passenger minivan for your transportation requirements take out the stress, waiting time and work that comes with usual commute.

Convenient and Stress-Free One Way Travel to your Destination

Smaller than a minibus but definitely more spacious than a taxicab, you can count on a passenger minivan to accommodate your family or group of friends. A traditional minivan can seat from 5 to 7 passengers, and the seating capacity and the comfort level available in the minivan will depend on the hand-carried luggage.

If you are looking to fit in more passengers, contact Premier Bus to arrange a minibus rental that can comfortably seat up between 7 and over 20 passengers with lots of room for your luggage and bags. As soon as the minivan or minibus has left your home, you can expect a non-stop and stress-free trip.

In addition, you have the option to include additional stops: talk to us about your needs and we can arrange for the professional driver to make the necessary stops to drop passengers off at specific locations. Alternatively, get more flexibility by renting the minivan or minibus by the hour or day, and the private vehicle and its driver are at your disposal throughout the rental period, confidently bringing you and your group to your preferred destinations.

Service Quality and Reliability in Every Ride

While the one-way minivan rental is a great private transportation option for a family on an excursion, you can also count on the private minivan for business and corporate travels such as meeting venue transfers, airport transfers. A passenger minivan is also a great option as a wedding vehicle, bringing the happy couple and their entourage to the important matrimonial venues during the day.

Whatever the reason or season for tapping onto a minivan rental, you can expect the highest standards in service and reliability. Your minivan rental will arrive at the airport on time, pick you up at home and move you to your desired travel location in a safe and efficient manner. Book a minibus rental now or contact Premier Bus for more information about the minibus rentals we provide.

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