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VIP Mini Bus

Nov 2, 2019 | Mini Bus | 0 comments

For the most luxurious travel for small to medium sized groups, rent the VIP minibus and cruise with style on the roads.

10 seater mini bus

Aside from convenience and service reliability, luxury is another factor to consider when it comes to choosing a service vehicle on your next tour or corporate business functions. This extra requirement when travelling and getting around Singapore may come with a higher price tag, but it is one service add-on that passengers will appreciate throughout the travel.

A luxury vehicle heightens the travel and commute services on all counts – comfortable reclining seats in premium materials, high-end sound surround and entertainment systems, personal and professional drivers and other perks and extras that can be enjoyed onboard.

In addition, luxury can be yours thanks to a variety of luxury vehicles available, in different seating configurations.

If you are looking to host from a few to about two dozen passengers, then the VIP minibus serves as the perfect match for your luxury service tours and corporate travel requirements. A private luxury minibus can come loaded with high-end features that provide enhanced convenience to simplify your travel requirements, facilitate airport and hotel transfers and for any point-to-point pickup and drop-off services. The luxury minibus will help you make a good impression among your business executives and customers.
Luxury interior of 19-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter mini bus

Comfortable Seating, Large Luggage Space

Luxury minibus rental services available for airport transfer services can accommodate up to two dozen passengers with lots of room for luggage. Some luxury minibuses feature a last row seat that can be folded down to provide extra luggage space for passengers.

All reclining seats available inside the luxury minibus rental typically comes with seat belts to provide safety on the roads, assurance that safety is a priority for your luxury minibus rental.

In addition, a luxury minibus is a great choice when it comes to tours that require frequent stops throughout the travel. The luxury minibus usually offers a high roof space and large doors for ease of access during boarding and alighting. Moreover, with the presence of a licensed and professional driver, you can reach your desired travel destinations safely and reliably, reducing the risk of encountering any problems on the road.

Use a Private Minibus for Promotional Road Shows and Corporate Functions

Aside from travel tours for groups, a luxury minibus rental in Singapore can also work for business purposes, particularly for airport transfer services, promotional road shows and corporate functions. Since the luxury minibus can be rented for a day or two, the rental minibus can be tapped upon for road show transportation services or when jumpstarting a marketing campaign.

The minibus can be redesigned and the exterior can be posted with streamers and other business services announcements to boost your products’ presence. In addition, the interior of the private minibus can be re-arranged, with the consent of the minibus rental service provider, to highlight the product or service inside the minibus. In short, a luxury private minibus can be turned into a mobile retail road show that can help develop brand services.

The list of activities, travel services and programs that can be hosted with the luxury minibus rental is long, only limited by your creativity. You can contact Premier Bus today to rent a luxury minibus or use the online booking form to rent one for a trip, by the hour or by the day and experience luxury services on the road.

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