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Private Mini Bus Rental

Mar 1, 2020 | Mini Bus | 0 comments

Premier Bus Singapore offers private mini bus charters to meet your needs for transporting up to 25 passengers for short trips within Singapore or for long-distance travels between Malaysian cities. Whether you need a small bus for 7 people or a larger one for 25 travelers, you can find the right mini bus coupled with professional services from Premier Bus.

The Right Bus

Premier Bus offers a wide range of mini buses for charter and rental, from 7-seater mini buses on up to 25-seater ones as excellent alternatives to private cars and taxis.

Choose the right mini bus for any occasion and purpose: transport your weddings guests to the banquet hall, shuttle your business associates from the hotel to the airport, guide your corporate visitors on a tour of your company’s facilities, bring your extended family for a fun-filled outing, arrange for private tours of the sights in Malaysia … the possibilities are endless!

Our mini buses come with comfortable seating to make the journey pleasant, with climate-controlled air conditioning to keep your group cool in the hot Singapore and Malaysia weather.

And if you need to transport more than 25 passengers, look at our range of full-size buses that can sit up to 60 passengers.

Professional Service

We take pride in the quality of service we provide to our customers.

When you book a mini bus from Premier Bus, our attentive staff will assist you to plan the details of your trip, such as the date & time of travel, the number of passengers, the destinations required and any other special requirement you may have.

And our professional and friendly drivers will captain your private mini bus charter to ensure you have an exceptional journey while bringing you to your destination safely.

You can book online and our professionally staff will quickly respond to help you plan and organize the private mini bus charter you need. Contact us if you have any queries about Premier Bus and the services we provide.

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