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Minibus Transfer

Sep 27, 2019 | Mini Bus | 0 comments

Use a private minibus for point-to-point transfers in Singapore, such as to and from the airport, hotels, offices, tourist attractions or even homes.

Getting around Singapore for business or leisure has improved through the years thanks to state policies and programs aimed at improving the transport sector.

Today, the transport system is one of the best in the region providing seamless transportation services to locals, expatriates and passengers who want to discover what Singapore has to offer.

The list of transport service options is long: use the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), taxicab services, public buses and private service vehicles that can be rented by the seat, hour or day.

In short, Singapore has the right transportation service for every type of passenger that will suit individual needs, preferences and budget.

A popular and worthy transport option is a private minibus that can be rented by the trip or by the hour or day, which is great for small groups of friends or business executives who need to transfer from one location to another in Singapore.

A minibus transfer allows you to focus solely on what you need to do at your destination, leaving the driving to professional experts who know the roads and traffic rules in Singapore.

Convenient Airport Transfers Made Possible

Changi Airport is conveniently connected to other parts of the city via multiple expressways, thus allowing travellers easy access to the city center and business districts in half an hour. Taxi service and the MRT are the common options for individual travellers who need to get to the city from the airport.

For groups of friends or executives, a minibus serves as a better alternative thanks to spacious interiors great for the small groups, comfortably appointed interiors and extra luggage space that is a requirement for many passengers arriving at the airport.

Other efficient modes of transportation are available but a private minibus provides a better option for groups thanks to the availability of comfortable seating from a few to over 20 passengers, with a professional driver trained to provide reliable transfer services at all times.

The private minibus services can also be customized depending on your special requirements: custom music videos can be played while on-route, a guide can be arranged and of course, travel destinations can be arranged from the airport to any point in Singapore as well as in Malaysia.

Prompt and Professional Transfer Services Assured

On top of minibus service features and amenities, pay attention to the quality of transfer services offered. With Premier Bus’ strong focus on reliability, you can be assured that your minibus will arrive on time and transfer your group to your next destination as scheduled. 

Your private minibus from Premier Bus can also pick your group up from the hotel on the dot and transfer you to the airport on time so you will not miss your flight.

Travel time on the road should not be compromised; contact Premier Bus to arrange a reliable private minibus for point-to-point transfers in Singapore that work or use the online form below to book one now.

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