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Minibus Taxi Hire

Jun 26, 2019 | Mini Bus | 0 comments

When you need point-to-point transportation for groups of 5 or more passengers, hire a reliable minibus through Premier Bus to taxi your group around town.

Mini bus driver

One of the best things about living or staying in Singapore is its fabulous and reliable transportation services. In the last few years, Singapore has managed to claim a few citations and commendations thanks to the initiative of the island city state to promote an effective transportation, from the popular and convenient Mass Rapid Transit or MRT train system, to the public bus transportation network and to the ubiquitous taxicabs on the roads.

7 seater Mercedes Viano minivan

These options are the go-to travel solutions for professionals and employees who are always on the move in the city.

While these are sufficient for most commuters, each transportation option has some disadvantages for busy professionals and individuals who want to travel in groups. The MRT and public buses may be highly efficient but they can get very crowded during peak hours, while taxicabs can typically only accommodate up to four passengers at a time and an available one can be difficult to find during peak hours.

When you need a reliable service and a stress-free travel experience in Singapore, consider hiring a minibus taxi from Premier Bus.

A minibus sits from 6 to 13 passengers and provides you with a more flexible and comfortable way of travelling around the city without having to worry about the thick crowds in the MRT during peak hours, or the mad dash to hail taxis during rainy days.

Point-to-Point Trips and Airport Transfer in Singapore Made Easy

Minibus taxi hires in Singapore can work for a variety of purposes for different clients. One of the primary services of the minibus taxi is for point-to-point trips: a chauffeur-driven minibus can take your business partners from one travel destination to the next, and is excellent for groups of 6 or more travelers.

Hiring a minibus taxi instead of driving a car to fetch your business partners at the airport or at home will free you from worrying about driving on the road or figuring out the best routes.

Instead of focusing on road traffic and traffic signs, you can focus more on developing rapport and connecting with your partners inside the minibus taxi.

You may be surprised at the boost in productivity and business that will happen during the travel.

Booking a minibus taxi can also work for fetching your clients and customers from the airport and taking them on a tour of your offices and facilities. Our professional drivers can be instructed beforehand as to the dates, times, pick-up locations and destinations and they will bring your group to where and when you need them to be.


Punctuality and Reliability Assured with a Minibus Taxi Hire

Expect punctual and reliable service as soon as you sign up for a minibus taxi service from Premier Bus. Instead of waiting for a taxicab, your service minibus will be waiting for you at the specified place and at the appointed time. This translates to a stress-free and cost-effective way of travelling and moving from one point to another in style.

The minibus taxi hire can be yours for when you need it, so contact Premier Bus and book your own minibus taxi now.

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