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Luxury Minivan Rentals

Jun 19, 2015 | Mini Bus, Minivan | 0 comments

When you need the best transportation for your small group of travelers, get the luxury passenger minivan rentals from Premier Bus.

Travelling and completing business meetings in Singapore provide a wealth of opportunities, thanks to a full list of heritage sites and tourist destinations and a thriving economy. As a leading regional hub for tourism and business, everyone has the perfect opportunity to unwind, rediscover travel or make a mark in business.

While the opportunities for travel and business abounds in Singapore, moving in and around the city-state can be a challenge if you do not have access to a reliable transportation that can wait for you anytime. Commuter buses and rental taxis are available, but can be highly restrictive for a group who wants to travel in style and a hassle for the executive who wants to leave a mark in her meetings in and around the city.

Take out the usual restrictions and hassles in getting around the city, from the airport, to hotels and back to the city, by considering luxury minivan rentals in Singapore.

With a luxury passenger minivan or mini-bus, you can travel and hop from one business meeting to another in comfort and style.

Travel in Style, On Your Own Terms

Public transportation in Singapore is highly efficient and a model in the region that works for busy professionals and individuals who need to be constantly on the move. While the public transport system works like charm, this option can be restrictive and problematic for a group of friends or family members who travel and want to sample the charms of the city and neighboring Malaysia. Your group will need to load and unload your bags and packages, and travel at the mercy of public transportation.

However, when you hire a luxury passenger minivan or mini-bus for the duration of your travel, you can move around comfortably and on your own terms.

The rental service starts when the passenger minivan arrives at your pick-up location – the luxury minivan can meet you at the airport, at the hotel, at your office or even at your home, and can transport you to any of your chosen destinations.

And at the time you have chosen, the luxury passenger minivan will again pick you up to provide you with a comfortable and highly luxurious travel to any other destination.

For your vacation in Singapore or Malaysia, your luxurious vacation starts when as soon as the luxury minivan picks you up. The difference between ordinary minivan or mini-bus charters and a luxury passenger minivan can be seen in the service and the features that come in every ride.

The luxury passenger minivan from the fleet comes with a state-of-the-art sound system to keep you entertained throughout the day. Extra comfortable seats, extra legroom and luggage space are standard in every luxury minivan service for rent. In short, you get convenience and comfort even before you reach your destination!

Make a Statement When You Attend Business Meetings

Consider hiring a luxury passenger minivan as your essential transportation partner for all your meetings in Singapore. With a high-end luxury minivan and a personal driver, you can make a statement every time you arrive at a hotel or convention center to attend a business meeting. You can also arrange airport transfers or even host a few meetings inside the luxury minivan to close some business deals while on the move or to simply impress a client.

Let a luxury passenger minivan or mini-bus serve as your luxury partner in making a mark in Singapore by booking one online now or contact Premier Bus for more information about the luxury minivan services we can provide to you.

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