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Local Minibus Hire

Jun 18, 2016 | Mini Bus | 0 comments

Get a local minibus hire in Singapore to provide transportation to the destination of your choice for your family, friends or colleagues.

When it comes to planning and experiencing travels with families or group of friends, the usual concern comes in the form of local destinations and tourist spots that will form part of the travel bucket list. The quality of local destinations and the entertainment value that families will get from trip are considered the primary requirements when it comes to hosting a memorable travel.

While your destinations in Singapore and Malaysia can help create a meaningful travel, the time spent on the road with families and friends is equally critical.

If you pay attention to the travel time, and choosing convenient and comfortable transportation, the fun-filled experience and memories may even start on the road!

Of course, you can pull this off with renting a minibus locally in Singapore. The local minibus hire provides you with reliable transportation that can accommodate family members, a group of friends or even your co-workers, and provide an optional suite of amenities to make travel time an enjoyable experience.

Flexible Transportation Option

Hiring a local minibus allows you to arrange and complete the trip at your own time, on your own terms.

Compared with taking public transportation, a local minibus hire gives you flexibility and convenience throughout the travel, allowing you to decide where and when to stop. Your attention will no longer be divided to the demands of the road and heavy traffic; instead, your can focus solidly on your group of travelers.

The Right Size

Flexibility also comes in the form of local minibus choices available to you, with local minibuses available in different seating configurations and types. Thanks to the availability of minibus variants, you can choose a minibus that can accommodate the exact number of passengers. Popular minibus sizes include the 7-seater, 10-seater, 13-seater and 20-seater.


In addition, the local minibus comes in various types, such as the regular minibus, the luxury minibus or even the party minibus.

The regular minibus is great when your main concern is to just get from point A to point B for your group of passengers, while the luxury minibus can include bells and whistles such as extra comfortable seats and an excellent on-board audio and video entertainment system to keep your travelers comfortably entertained throughout the trip.

Then there is the exclusive party minibus with on-board laser and mood lighting and even a Karaoke system to allow your group to bring the party to wherever they want.

Professional Service

When you get a local minibus hire from Premier Bus, you will also get our professional drivers who will ensure that you get to your destination safely via the best routes possible.

In addition, Premier Bus allows you to customize the best set of services you need for your local travel. Choose the type of minibus you need and sized for your group, with your choice of pick-up and drop-off locations. Hourly and daily rentals of local minibuses are also an additional flexibility option, giving you a “disposal” transportation service through the duration of the rental.

Whatever type of local minibus you hire from Premier Bus, your group will be assured of a safe, comfortable and highly convenient travel. Therefore, the next time you plan another adventure from the travel bucket list, book a local minibus for hire from Premier Bus. Alternatively, you can also contact us to customize the rental of the local minibus to your exact specifications.

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