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Mini Bus Hire With Driver

Feb 5, 2018 | Mini Bus | 0 comments

Planning to visit Singapore and Malaysia for business or a weekend holiday? Alternatively, perhaps a conference or a business opportunity needs to be completed within one working day. Whether you are in the city for work or play, keep in mind that you need a reliable and cost-effective transport option to use while completing your business. 

One popular option among companies and families on vacation is a mini bus hire with driver rental.

A minibus rental in Singapore is now a popular choice for groups of businessmen or groups of friends who want to get around and discover the area in their own terms, without having to compete with other travelers and passengers. Gone are the days when a private minibus with driver would be open only to business owners with deep pockets, and moneyed individuals who want comfort and privacy.

Today, bus charter companies like Premier Bus offers a fleet of vehicles like minibuses that are quoted competitively for day or weekend travel tours, as well as for individual trips. Thus, anyone can easily reserve a minibus for business or pleasure.

Minibus As Compact And Customizable Transport Service

Compared to full-sized buses and other transport services, a minibus is compact. Moreover, because the minibus is smaller than full-sized coaches, this versatile vehicle can easily and confidently navigate every twist and turn, being able to conveniently maneuver in the busy city area or other crowded places.

A minibus rental service will prove to be an intelligent decision if parking is a problem for where you need to go, or when the area to be visited features narrow roads more suited to smaller vehicles like the minibus.

The travel experience inside the minibus with a dedicated driver will also be very pleasant and safe, thanks to standard features like comfortable seats with seatbelts, climate-control systems to ensure a comfortable, air-conditioned environment whatever the outside weather may be and even substantial luggage space. Long travels and excursions with the minibus will prove to be a winning combination with a professional driver handling the vehicle for the long drive.

A minibus may also come fitted with entertainment and sound systems, and backed by a PA system that can work wonders when organizing sightseeing tours in Singapore or Malaysia. Programs and onboard activities can be hosted to help promote a more immersive travel experience that can become both memorable as well as educational. With a minibus for hire as your preferred transport service, you are given the chance to customize activities both on the road and onboard the minibus service. 

Licensed Drivers Provides Safe And Stress-Free Travel

Perhaps the biggest selling point of renting a minibus with a dedicated driver is the opportunity to relax throughout the travel time knowing there is an expert driver navigating the tricky roads of the region. Renting such a minibus liberates you from the hassles that come from heavy traffic, local road rules and parking. In addition, you will have safety and satisfaction with a minibus from Premier Bus, one of the quality top-rated bus  rental companies in Singapore.

About Premier Bus

Premier Bus provides reliable and convenient bus charter services, with a wide range of quality buses to meet all of your transportation requirements. We have buses available for your corporate or commercial travel needs, such as minibus/minivan rentals for your VIP to use, airport transfers to and from the hotel or office, daily shuttle services for the work site or office building, or coach services to ferry your colleagues to a staff retreat or business convention.

Our buses can also be rented for your personal use, such as for an excursion to Sentosa for your family, a shopping trip into Johor Bahru, a relaxing vacation to Malacca or Kuala Lumpur, or even for an exclusive mobile celebration on a fun party bus.

Use the online booking form below to get the perfect bus you need, or contact us today to find out more about the buses, minibuses and coaches available.

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