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Executive Minibus Hire

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Mini Bus | 0 comments

An investment in transport services is a requirement when running a company in the highly competitive Singaporean business environment. While business opportunities abound in the city, these opportunities often open up for corporate individuals who are quick on the draw and have access to resources, including reliable luxury transport services such as the 19-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter executive minibus available for hire from Premier Bus.
Businesses and companies that can gain access to reliable luxury transport services from a fleet of tour vehicles to luxury private minibus coaches are noticed, while organizations that lag behind are pushed to the sidelines. For this reason, it pays to include transport services into the strategic plan and hire corporate and luxury executive minibuses when necessary. It is not every day that private minibuses and vehicles should be hired since executives have their own vehicles and drivers, and most corporate employees take on major public transport systems.

Nevertheless, when it comes to critical moments, it pays to hire luxury vehicles and minibuses, and use them for corporate functions. The challenge for every executive is to know when to consider executive minibus hire, and to know from where to reserve a luxury executive minibus.

There are at least four reasons why you will need an executive vehicle or minibus:

For staff transport to and from the office
For business meetings to and from your client’s premises
To pick up your clients, such as from the airport
For your product road shows and marketing campaigns

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Move Employees And Management Staff In Style

Team building events and corporate tours are just some of the reasons why you need to hire executive minibuses to move your employees. While managers or some of the employees may drive their own vehicles, it is recommended on a logistical and management perspective to hire minibuses and allow employees to transfer and travel as a group. By allowing the employees to travel as one on an executive minibus, you can design the travel time as a component of the seminar or team-building program. 

As soon as they step inside the executive minibus, the team building activity can begin immediately. This is possible thanks to the standards and features that come with luxury executive minibus. Each luxury executive minibus is fitted with air conditioning system, and may come with on-board video and sound systems, and a PA system. While  the executive minibus is moving, organizers can play corporate-related videos and trainings that can psyched up the employees before they enter the corporate training areas. Alternatively, a short program can be hosted onboard the luxury executive minibus, such as a “getting-to-know you” activity or a basic re-orientation about the company. 

Impress Clients And Guests By Tapping Minibuses For Airport Transfer

Executive minibuses can also work for airport transfers or for client pickups at the airport. The great thing about the executive minibuses is that you can customize its arrival time and the kinds of services offered onboard the vehicle. Employees can be picked from their home, and then ferried to the airport at a specified time. In addition, by working with companies like Premier Bus to hire an executive minibus, you can expect professional transport services, confidentiality and reliability to ensure that smooth journey that gets you to the airport on-time.

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