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The reduced time in traveling and the convenience of express coach bus transport services have further attracted commuters to ride buses for intercity travel and coaches for long-distance trips from Beach Road to Malaysia.

Coach transportation to Malaysia used to be crumped, uncomfortable and stressful. However, with the advent of marked improvements and streamlining in coach buses, coach bus services have become a cost effective yet comfortable mode of travel. Every day, hundreds of buses operate from Singapore to Malaysia, using the same, accessible, wide road networks and expressways that motorists use.

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Coach Bus Versus Airlines

Coach buses have gained immense popularity because of their convenience and accessibility compared to the airlines. Buses now offer extremely comfortable, first class seats with ample legroom and storage space.

And by riding on a coach bus to Malaysia, you can always stay connected throughout the whole journey by using your mobile phones or tablet computers for those important business and personal calls and emails.

With airlines, you typically have to take taxicabs to get to and from the airport, which may cost about S$10 to S$50 depending on your location. Buses, on the other hand, are more accessible with multiple options to choose from for boarding.

Your choice of coach bus can be booked online so you can secure your trip schedule ahead of time.

Standard and Luxury Coach Buses

There are noticeable differences between standard coach buses and luxury coaches for long-distance trips to Malaysia. Standard buses offer leather seats, air-conditioning, and shared TV. Their prices are relatively cheaper, which can work out to about S$25 per passenger for one-way trips on 40-seater express buses.

Premier luxury coaches have top-notch equipment and amenities, including reclining seats, personal entertainment systems, meals on board, Wi-Fi access, and toilets. Other amenities may include extra large luggage compartments, folding tables, vending machines and arrangements for wheelchair access and storage.

The availability of these features increase convenience and comfort to passengers as well as cutting the travel time when makes frequent stops are no longer necessary.

Choice of Pick-Up Points

Premier coach buses have an unlimited number of pick-up points for long-distance trips to Malaysia, which also includes common pick-up points such as Golden Mile Complex along Beach Road and Lavender MRT.

Buses and coaches have gained popularity as the transportation of choice for commuters in Singapore and Malaysia because they are accessible, convenient, and relatively cheap compared to budget airlines. Book online now or contact Premier Bus today for more information about our coach bus services.

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