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Alongside the MRT, buses constitute the main mode of transportation in Singapore. Millions of commuters travel from home to work, school, hotel, or any part of the island or even to Malaysia onboard one of the numerous bus services in Singapore. If traveling via bus is an everyday activity for you, you may not really pay attention to the kind of services you get from the transport businesses as long as you safely get to your destination. However, if you are an avid leisure traveler or you are arranging for a corporate tour package, you need a reliable bus charter company to give you a convenient, hassle-free travel experience.

Getting the perfect travel partner need not be as troublesome as searching for a needle in a haystack. Premier Bus is ready to provide you a total package in countrywide land transit, be it for bus rental or coach services.

Premier Bus offers a full roster of various bus sizes and furnishings for all your travel needs. You can choose the right kind of vehicle, such as 25-seater buses, 12-seater mini buses, and large, multipurpose 45-seater coaches.  

We have buses to suit many travel needs, such as a wide range of school buses to safely transport any number of children, small and large shuttle buses for quick, short-haul trips to the mall or convention center, luxurious buses that feature food and comfortable amenities to minimize stopovers, tour buses equipped with excellent audio systems for visitors to listen to the interesting background information about the sights they are seeing, and party buses that provide the most unique means to celebrate.

Bus pooling is a highly popular and convenient crowd-sourced transportation service for people who share the same destinations, pick-ups, and arrival and departure times, with Premier Bus well known for its excellent bus pooling coordination. For transportation to and from work, all you need to do is invite your friends or co-workers to join your monthly subscription for your daily trips to and from the office. The customized route not only makes commuting a pleasurable experience, but it also lessens traffic congestion since pedestrians no longer have to line up on crowded streets and bus interchanges.

Similarly, for transportation to Malaysia, pool a group together to share the cost of getting to your destination, be it for holidays or to visit family.

In addition, there is no reason to worry if your group is not big enough for a bus. We can help to arrange for other passengers who can share the same travel route and time with you!

Coaches are large buses ideal for traveling longer distances beyond Singapore’s borders and between Malaysian cities. Although airlines are considerably faster, many people still prefer coach services from Premier Bus because coaches are much more budget-friendly and convenient, giving you enough space for you to stretch out your elbows and legs and to use your mobile phone while on-route, unlike in airliners that forbid the use of such phones!  

A plane may only take about an hour to bring you from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur whereas a coach may takes 5 to 6 hours. However, if you factor in the time needed to check-in for your flight, line up to clear customs & immigration, wait for boarding, and traveling by cab to and from the airport, the difference is hardly noticeable.

Widest Range of Buses and Coaches Available

Get the bus or coach service you need from Premier Bus

Why Rent a Premier Bus?

Premier Bus offers a competitive suite of bus and coach transportation services that are tailored for optimum serviceability and safety.

Our vehicles are rigorously maintained, ensuring that they are in tiptop condition.

What also sets us apart from the competition is our excellent customer service. Our professional drivers are courteous, punctual, and knowledgeable. You can contact our dispatchers and operations team 24/7 for customized booking and ad-hoc itineraries.

When you need quality, integrity and excellent customer service for your bus and coach transport needs, look to Premier Bus to give you all that and more.

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